The Situation


Hardware Wallet


Researcher, UX Designer


Develop a clear and reassuring experience regarding a new security-check feature for the program and associated hardware wallet


Developed specific language around the security check process that was reassuring, technical but also understandable to users.

Created an experience with steps and animations that informed a user as to what was going on, when, to be displayed on multiple screens.

The Process

Tools/Techniques Used

  • Market Research
  • Heuristic Review
  • Lean Usability Testing
  • Sketch
  • Wireframing


We had the technical explanations for each step of a 6-step security check that would run automatically when a user first installed their hardware wallet. We distilled it into simple, non-technical language as well. We took each version of the steps and did some guerilla style testing with current users of the hardware wallet. We asked users to read one set of explanations (technical or non-technical). After they had read one specific set of instructions, we asked them what they thought was happening, how they felt about the language, and if there was anything else they expected.

I recorded the responses and compared the results of each set of directions. Results showed that, while technical explanations of each step were confusing to people with a high level of technical understanding, the simple explanations did not resonate as well with people either. We ended up creating a hybrid – For each step of the automatic security check process, we had a short technical explanation and a sentence following that explained what was happening in non-technical language.

User Flow

I created a brief user flow to show how the new security verification would fit in to the current user experience. I also accounted for interrupted checks, and if a user’s wallet had already been through a check when they booted up their device.


The security check would run both on the computer program associated with the hardware wallet, and the screen of the hardware wallet itself – which showed one color, text and simple animation only. I created hi-fi wireframes for both screens and ensured that the exact same text would appear on both screens, and that similar animations showing time elapsed and time remaining.

I also created screens for when a check failed, and ensured that a user would have actionable steps if that situation happened and would not continue to use their wallet.